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There is a Balm In Gilead




In 2009 I was to embark upon a nursing training, but before starting I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B during occupational health screening. Clinical examination showed a mildly raised and fluctuating ALT, bilirubin, and low MCV. At the time of my diagnosis, this Hepatitis B infection was active with a precore mutant. Meanwhile, I started to experience the most excruciating pain ever around my liver area, which I cannot describe.


At the time I was diagnosed, this Hepatitis B disease was already chronic, which basically means that I was always going to suffer from this disease. I was referred to a hepatologist consultant who informed me that there was no cure at all. However, there was a treatment to slow down the disease process just to maintain some quality of life. They could not start me on any treatment due to my viral load, so I had to see my consultant frequently.


The hardest part during all experience was when I was asked to get all my family tested, as there were at high risk of infection. My training and future job prospect became nearly compromised, as I was at risk of infecting my patients and if anything, I had to work under strict conditions, depending on employers.


Months after months I was to go and see my consultant for review and blood test to check my viral load. Hepatitis B is a very dangerous, infectious disease which sometimes leads to liver cirrhosis and eventually death or liver transplant. In the same category as HIV when you intend to work in the medical field. Very serious. I had different liver scans which all showed normal (praise God). My first victory came about when my family test results all came back negative.


Due to seriousness of this medical condition, and the pain which could not be remedied by painkillers, my only refuge was my Lord and Saviour Jesus by this end time Message. During that time I had the privilege to visit Jeffersonville and the Voice of God Recordings office, which renewed my Christian experience and increased my understanding of how serious believers there take this Message.


I put all my trust in this Message for my healing, claiming promises, making myself available to His will and work.


In June 2012, I had an appointment with my consultant who was planning to order a liver biopsy due to pain I was experiencing. While waiting for that appointment to come through for biopsy, the first miracle happened: my blood results showed loss of hepatitis B surface antigen and the biopsy was held off.


My consultant informed me he needed to carry out further tests and investigations to establish everything, as he could not understand this change. Further blood tests and liver ultrasound came back normal. He ordered more blood tests in between.


On the 4th of December I went back to see my consultant. The miracle happened when he checked my last blood results. To his big surprised he stated: HEPATITIS B NOT DETECTED, VIRAL LOAD, DNA TEST HEPATITIS B VIRUS NOT DETECTED. He then looked me in my face and said. “IT IS VERY RARE FOR SOME ONE TO CLEAR AND GET RID OF HEPATITIS B IN THEIR BODY WHEN IT IS ALREADY CHRONIC LIKE IN YOUR CASE.” To his dismay, he stated, “Mr. Hombessa, I'm going to discharge you and no further visits are required and Happy Christmas.”


Then he said again, “I'm going to write to you and your GP, but if you could do another blood test for me just to confirm everything?” On Saturday (Jan. 11, 2014), I received this final letter from my consultant stating: “It was a pleasure to review Mr. Hombessa in my clinic. He has now had two tests which show that his surface antigen negative suggests a sustained S Seroconversion. I repeated this today and it is confirmed. He therefore has cleared this infection to all intents and purposes and further follow up is not required. Thank you. Yours Sincerely, Dr Daniel Forton PhD FRCP Consultant Hepatologist and Reader in Hepatology.”


Bothers and sisters who could that be? Heb 13:8, The God of William Marrion Branham. TRUST THIS MESSAGE FOR YOUR SOZO (HEALING SPIRITUAL AND PHISICAL).


The liver pain since left me and I've since been working as a registered nurse with no restrictions, where I could have been stopped or restricted and maybe about to have a premature death leaving behind my younger family. God so rich in mercy intervened in my life right in the JUBILEE SEASON.


I have kept all records for Mr. Unbeliever.


I would like to thank Br Joseph Branham for his excellent leadership, the VGR team, and the three employee VGR brothers who prayed with me a prayer of faith in the chapel at the VGR office and the freedom they gave me to stay in the chapel for about one hour to be in deep prayer back in February 2011.


There is a balm in Gilead there is real miracle healing in the Message of hour.


Hope this testimony will encourage someone else to TRUST THIS MESSAGE FOR THEIR HEALING, for IT IS A REALITY.




Brother Ben Bienvenue

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