88 You think cancer’s something? 60-0522E - "Adoption #4" Rev. Branham OUR GOD MOVING MIGHTILY AT WELLSPRING MINISTRY. OUR GOD STILL HEALS CANCER. Be Encouraged by this recent healing testimony of cancer A few weeks ago my wife had bleeding from both breasts. After consulting with a nurse friend, my wife made an appointment with the doctor. during the Online Worship Service, I submitted a prayer message for my wife's healing. She was then referred to a cancer clinic. But just before attending the clinic , my wife left breast was completely healed just a few days after she was prayed for. She was referred for an x-ray, while preparing for surgery. I kept believing. When the X-ray results came, my wife was found to have a tumour in the right breast. And the consultant told us that my wife had to have an operation. Which caused me as well as my wife some stress So I and my wife agreed for surgery to go ahead BUT THE LORD, IN HIS Grace, Gave me His mercy. I asked the Lord to forgive my wavering PRAISE THE LORD. So my wife had the surgery and a little biopsy was taken for further examination. And today (August 11, 2021), my wife had an appointment with a doctor. The consultant said the biopsy results came back from the laboratory. And the consultant said to my wife that the tumour which was removed looked like a stone however on examination it was not malignant. The tumour died and fell out confirmed the consultant. The lab confirmed that what they cut was COMPLETELY CLEAN AND COMPLETELY DEAD. AND THE DOCTOR SAID THAT My WIFE'S SECOND BREAST IS COMPLETELY CLEAN AND COMPLETELY HEALED. BOTH BREASTS ARE COMPLETELY HEALTHY GLORY BE TO GOD FOR HIS LOVE, MERCY. AND WIFE'S FULL RECOVERY. THIS IS THE Grace of JESUS ​​CHRIST THAT HE HEARED PRAYERS AND IN HIS GREATNESS HE COMPLETELY HEALED MY WIFE . ALL THE PRAISE TO OUR GOD OUR LORD JESUS ​​CHRIST. Our thanks to the WELLSPRING MINISTRY and pastor Ben Bienvenue for praying for and with us. GOD BE PRAISED BR AND SISTER WR

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