Hi I am Ben Bienvenue! I am dedicated to helping people with a ground-breaking ministry that equips and transforms their lives through the pure Word of God (The BIBILE) and personal empowerment. For the past several years I have been on an amazing journey, my life's mission is to promote the messages of our scriptures, thereby instilling nobility and greatness across various strata of people’s lives. I passionately believe that devoted pursuit of spiritual goals and dedication to a higher cause assure excellence and success in all walks of life. I create content regarding every day Christian living experiences. I went through a massive download of information and shifts to my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical body. I have chosen to help you consider yourself and life in a more thoughtful way. Through my YouTube channel #Voice of God Healing and blog, I am going to attempt to connect people to a more expanded version of themselves. Here I am going to encourage you to believe in possibilities and coping with whatever life throws at you, to a peaceful simple life, mind, body, and soul. Being in the now, walking in the spirit and spreading the love of Jesus from the inside out. Living in freedom and exploring reality. Life is an adventure that is happening now. There is a single goal, an all-important goal, to bring you and God together. So subscribe to our YouTube channel and our website so you don’t miss out on regular updates.

Pastor Ben Bienvenue

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