The disappointment at the judgment(Rapture)


14 I do believe that we are living in the closing scenes of the history of this world. I truly believe that the Coming of the Lord is closer, perhaps, than we think.

65-1204 - The Rapture Rev. Branham

Signs are appearing everywhere just before the coming of the Lord. Every signpost is pointing that way. It won’t be long till the rapture.

53-0906E - The Living Jesus Christ Rev. Branham

I truly believe that the coming of the Lord Jesus is nigh at hand. I believe that if—we’re living in the shadows of His coming, and I want to do all that I know how to get everyone ready for that grand event that’s been prophesied, and people has looked for it since His going away. And we see the conditions arising, both in the political world, and also in the military world, and in the religious world, that all signs are pointing now that the coming is close at hand. To see the church in the minority, spiritual believers, and we see the—all that He spoke of taking place.

60-0729 - What It Takes To Overcome All Unbelief: Our Faith Rev. Branham

75 So be sure, friends; don’t play with this; this is the Gospel. See? Don’t just say, “Well, I believe I’ll join church.” There’s thousands of people joins churches that’ll never be in Heaven. I preached here some time ago on the disappointments at the judgment. I said the bootlegger, and the gambler, and the—and the prostitute, and so forth, they won’t be surprised; they know what’s coming to them. But what’s going to be the surprise, is those fellow who thinks he’s right and not. That’s when you see your name is not on the Book; that’s when it’s going to be hard, when you think that you are a Christian, when you’re not. “There’s a way that seemeth right.” You believe intellectually that you are right. You’ve done the things that you thought was right; you’ve been good; you’ve been kind. Naaman was the same type. Many others of the Scripture we could call now. It’s…

56-0213 - "Hidden Life With Christ" Rev. Branham

70 You remember years ago, many of you here, the old timers, remember that sermon I preached, on, The Disappointments At Judgment. The harlot, she ain’t going to be disappointed there. She knows where she is going. The drunkard ain’t going to be disappointed there. The bootlegger, the gambler, the liar, the thief, he is not going to be disappointed. But, that man who thinks he’s right, there’s the disappointment.

65-0829 - "Satan's Eden" Rev. Branham

131 There is sure going to be some great disappointments at the judgment.

132 Oh, the bootlegger, he knows where he’s going to be at the judgment. So does the beerhound know where he’s going to be. So does the prostitute know where she’ll stand. So does the gambler know where he’ll stand. So does the drunkard know where he’ll stand. He’ll not be disappointed.

133 But where the disappointed is going to be, is those who thought they were right. That’s where the disappointment. “When they got up there, said, ‘Sure, we cast out devils in Your Name. We’re preachers. We belong to certain-certain churches. We done great miracles. Oh, we preached! Why, I been a—I been a steward in the church. I been bishop. I been this.’ Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity, I never even knew you.” There you are. That’s the disappointment. He said, “The children of their children will come in and set down in the Kingdom, say, ‘We got a right to be here,’ and they’ll be cast out into outer darkness, where there’ll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.” “Strait is the gate, narrow is the way, that leadeth to Life, few there will be that find it.”

59-0301M - "Strait Is The Gate" Rev. Branham

88 I preached not long ago, at the judgment…The Surprises at the Judgment. It won’t be surprise to see the bootlegger there, he knows he’s going. Sure. Won’t be surprise to see the liar, the adulterer, everything there, that ain’t. But the surprise will be, and the disappointment will be, those who think they were going; uh-huh, yeah, and then be turned down. Those who said, “Well, wait a minute, my mother belonged to this church, my father belonged to this church, my grandfather and grandmother. I’ve been a member there all my life.”

89 “Depart from Me, you worker of iniquity, I didn’t even know you.”

61-0101 - "Revelation, Chapter Four #2" Rev. Branham

72 You begin to think about you belong to this church, or denomination, or something another like that. You better have fellowship again with Christ. Amen. Going to be a horrible thing one of these days, one of the disappointments at Judgment. The bootlegger ain’t going to be; he knows what his doom is. The liar and the thief, they know what their doom is when they stand before God. But when the disappointment comes, is those who belong to Pentecostal churches will be turned away to one side, for they knowed better and willfully walked into it. Amen. Hallelujah!

55-0501A - "Fellowship" Rev. Branham

Oh, my, there’s going to be some awful disappointments at the day of judgment, at the resurrection. That’s right.

47-0412 - "Faith Is The Substance" Rev. Branham

52 I preached here, not long ago, “The disappointments at the Judgment.” That bootlegger ain’t going to be disappointed when he hear his sentence to go to hell. He ain’t going to be disappointed, neither is the liar or the thief. But the disappointed one is going to be that one who thought he was right. That’s the one. There sure be plenty of it. We know that.

62-1104E - "Ordination" Rev. Branham

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