Hey there! Born again!

Maybe you are, or maybe not! Is it possible? Can life be transformed? What's it all about? What does it mean? Is it real? Will it last?

Either way we’d love to see you at WELLSPRING MINISTRY this Sunday!

It may be that down inside you sense an unnamed need you cannot describe. Perhaps you have been consciously searching all your life to fill a void in your heart and to find a purpose for living. Perhaps outwardly you have been very successful in life, but you

know it has not brought you peace and true happiness. Perhaps your life is an unbroken chain of heartaches and shattered dreams. Maybe you are just curious. In like manner, people frantically pursue all sorts of promised cures for the renewal of their inner lives. Some people hunt for renewal at the psychiatrist’s office. Others search for spiritual renewal in exotic oriental religions or processes of inward meditation.

Still others seek inner peace and renewal in drugs or alcohol. Whatever the path, however, they eventually come to a dead end. Why? Simply because man cannot renew himself. God created us. Only God can re-create us. Only God can give us the new birth we so desperately want and need.

Whatever your background may be, I pray that God will use this MINISTRY to give you hope—to show you that you, too, can be born again.

Exploring the great mysteries of the universe, trying to predict the quirks of nature, attempting to predict a trend in society or politics are all modern concerns. In the business world, for instance, men search for ways to improve their efficiency. On office walls and on bulletin boards of sales organizations we see slogans like “Plan Ahead” or “Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.” Corporations hire firms at large fees to determine how they can improve their planning. Business, world politics, and economics change so fast that in a few days the direction of an entire country can change. Companies called “Think Factories” project thinking a decade or more in advance to keep abreast of the changing times. In our daily lives we keep a calendar, trying to mark down appointments and schedule our days.

If there were no planning, children would never get to the dentist, mothers would never make the community meeting, businesses and labour unions would collapse. We are always searching for ways to streamline our lives, to simplify daily living. But what about the greater issues of life and death? Do we plan? Do we need to search for answers to the deep moral and spiritual questions so that our lives are more orderly? Man has always thought so, which is why we have philosophers, psychologists, and theologians.

Today, however, much of the world in search of knowledge and fulfillment ignores God!

This search transcends race, age, economic status, sex, and educational background. Either man began nowhere and is looking for someplace to go, or he began somewhere and lost his way. In either case, he’s searching. None of us will ever find “total satisfaction” until we find that our roots are in eternity.

WELLSPRING MINISTRY is a great place to explore faith and meet some great people in the process. There will be an encouraging, biblically based message. Come discover authentic community and a place to belong. No matter where you’ve been or where you’re at on your journey there’s a place for you at WELLSPRING MINISTRY. When you come, you’ll be warmly welcomed. Someone will show you around, and help you find a seat. Can’t wait to see you this Sunday at WELLSPRING MINISRTY!




Every Sunday Service at 11AM


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